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Our History of Moves


Dan the Movin’ Man was founded in August of 2014, after owner Dan Gjerseth saw a need for an affordable, flexible and reliable moving company in the Eau Claire area. Ever since, the company has been expanding and serving satisfied customers all across the midwest.

Dan has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Even in high school, Dan was busy developing his own small businesses, he did everything from selling blackberries at local stores to providing car detailing for his neighbors. But it wasn’t until after he graduated high school in 2012 that Dan started his first prominent business, Brothers Lawn Care & Landscaping, which provided a variety of outdoor services to Augusta,WI, and surrounding towns. The skills Dan has acquired from his business background have helped him to create a reliable, customer friendly and quality service moving company. In addition to managing his moving company, Dan also attends the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire for a degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship.


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