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Do you need house cleaning?
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Important Terms

• Quotes provided are our best estimate of what your final bill will be. (Please see current pricing elsewhere on this page.)
• In case of damage we provide .60 cents per pound per article of items damaged.
• Please secure all money, jewelry, gems, stock certificates and other small valuables.
• Items such as TVs, lamps, picture frames, and other fragile belongings must be boxed up. If they are not we will move them however we do not provide coverage for them.
• We DO NOT move: Pianos, Boats, Automobiles and other large items. If you have a large item to be moved, please ask us.
• We accept cash, checks and credit cards at a 3% percent fee.
• Please feel free to tip our employees if you feel they did a good job!

Deposit Required

A moving deposit is required as follows:
Local Move: $100. / Long-Distance Move: $500.
The deposit will be put on your credit card. If you cancel, this deposit in non-refundable. However, if you would like to change your moving date, the deposit will be credited to the revised moving date.
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