Moving Boxes and Supplies

As a newly-added service, we are proud to offer moving totes free of charge. Just pick up as many as you need! You can use them for up to a month for packing and unpacking after your move…after that there is a charge of $1 per tote, per week. If you need to keep them long-term (for storage, etc.), we offer even cheaper rates! Just ask and we’ll get you set up with what you need. You can add totes on our Free Quote / Book Your Move page.

Our Recommended Moving Boxes and Supplies

Here’s a list of supplies we recommend to keep your move as easy as possible:

  • Packing paper: perfect for wrapping and keeping all your fragile items safe during the move.
  • Moving blankets: keeps your items safe from scratches and dust.
  • Packing tape: easily secures your boxes.
  • Stretch wrap: this works well to pack items that don’t fit easily into a moving box.
  • Moving boxes: we’ll do our best to supply you with boxes, but it’s always good to have extra.