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Everything you’ll need to know to prepare for your move and make it go smoothly!

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Moving and Packing Tips

We want your moving experience to be a easy and painless as possible, so we’ve prepared many helpful resources for you here. If you have any other questions, feel free to CONTACT US. 


• Take shades off lamps.
• Take out bulbs.
• Remove all items from dresser drawers.
• Empty desks.
• Place completed boxes near door.

Moving Electronics

• Use original boxes if you still have them.
• Bubble wrap everything and box it up.

For more detailed tips on moving electronics, please visit:


Moving Pets

• Please try to keep pets in kennels or out of the way.
• Some ideas would be in a bathroom, in the backyard, or perhaps with a dog-sitter.

For many other great pet-related ideas while moving, please visit:

Moving Long Distance

• Set aside all items you wish to move personally.
• Keep them in a bathroom or some other place out of the way.
• If you get other quotes, call local companies, not moving brokers.

For many other Long-Distance moving tipes, please visit:

Moving With Children

• Be careful to keep children out of the way.
• Ideas would be; with a sitter, grandparents, day care or backyard.

For much more detailed information, please visit:

Timeline Tips

These checklists will help you know how to properly schedule your move. In other words, it’ll help you to know what to do when.

1 Month Before Moving


Start packing basement and keepsakes.


Sift through everything you have and unwanted items to local charity.

2 Weeks Before Moving


Don’t buy excess food.


Pack when you can. Don’t wait until the last minute.


Start cleaning unused rooms.


Set a plan in place for how you want to label your items, so when we pick it up, we’ll know where to put it! 

1 Week Before Moving


Call Realtor to double-check closing times.


Call moving company to verify moving times.


Transfer utilities.

Moving Day!

Moving Day Tips! Here are 9 helpful tips to help your moving day go more smoothly.


Have everything packed and ready to go.


Pack neatly and label clearly.


Keep prohibited and sensitive items separate.


Make necessary arrangements ahead of time.


Have moving supplies available, just in case.


Offer refreshments.


Help, but don’t hover.


Avoid haggling.

How it Works


1. Plan Your Move

Get info together:

1. Date of move
2. Make a list of items not moving.
3. Make a list of items you’ll move personally.
4. Write down details of items you’ll be moving so you can be assured of getting accurate moving estimate(s).

2. Get an Estimate

1. Call your local moving company(s) for estimate(s).
2. Make sure they’re insured and bonded.
3. Check their Google and Facebook reviews.
4. Understand that most estimates are ballpark.


3. Book Your Move

1. Book your move as soon as possible.
2. Keep in mind that the end of each month and summer are very busy times for movers.


Should I box up TVs, lamps, glass/mirrors?

Yes, we recommend you do this as most moving companies won’t cover losses if unboxed.

What do you charge?
$60/ hour per mover on weekdays, $65 weekends (Eau Claire) 
$65/ hour vs $70 (Wausau) 

Additionally, we charge $2. per mile from our shop until we get back.

How many movers do you send?

We always send two movers, unless you have a lot of heavy furniture, we recommend at least 4 movers, pairing them in groups of 2.

Do you pack?

Yes, we provide packing services. Most customers that want packing services ask us to pack dishes, lamps, TVs and other breakables.

Where should we get supplies for packing?

U-Haul or Menards are good sources.

What if my move-out date and move-in date are early morning same day?

We recommend loading up the day before so you have time to clean and double-check that everything is packed and ready to go.

Are there any items you won't move?

We won’t move pianos, boats or other vehicles.

Are there any additional charges if this is a long-distance move?

If the distance requires that our movers stay overnight, we will charge for our lodging-related expenses.

Is it customary to tip my movers?

You are more than welcome to tip our hard-working movers! An average tip is between $25. to $40. per mover.

Do I need to put down a deposit when I book?

Yes, a moving deposit is required as follows:

Local Move: $100. / Long-Distance Move: $500.

The deposit will be put on your credit card. If you cancel, this deposit in non-refundable. However, if you would like to change your moving date, the deposit will be credited to the revised moving date.

What are your policies regarding damage or liabillity?

Accidents can happen, however we do try out best to prevent them. If any damage occurs, we provide a standard .60 cents per lb, per item of any damaged goods. We do not provide any coverage for the following items:

• Items you boxed up yourself
• Unpacked TVs, lamps/lampshades or glass/mirror items.
• We provide a $25. credit for any dings we may cause to a wall. (A “ding” is considered 1 in or longer and 2 cm or deeper.)
• We are able to disassemble (partially or completely) most items such as beds, appliances, etc. However, since there are so many models, makes and brands, we cannot guarantee our work either assembling or disassembling those items.
• All damaged furniture must be disclosed within 7 days of moving.
• If we are just loading your moving rental truck, once we close the door, we no longer provide coverage.
• We ask that all money, jewelry, gems, stock certificates or anything else small but valuable be locked up during the move.